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LFC attaches great importance to the services provided before and after sale.

More concretely, we emphasize on the customer service by offering the desired products to them in accordance with the quality, quantity and time of delivery requested. Our aim is to provide an excellent Sales Service and After Sale Service.

LFC has included Private Label (PL) in its Services provided. The specific service gives you the possibility to design the packaging of the mask, either in the cartons or in the bag. By making use of PL, you are able to give your own unique identity to the product. It is an easy and affordable way not only to stand out against competition but also to advertise your company only with the surgical mask as a canvas. 

Our company gives you the choice of packaging. We are able to provide you with a packaging of 1 up to 50 pieces, with all the production parameters being at your disposal, in order to distinguish yourself in the market and serve all the needs of your customers.

In addition, our people are available on a 24/7 basis so that they can inform you of the progress of your order and give you a solution to any problem that may arise. Our company staff is specialized in the production of medical equipment and can provide you with any information you may need regarding the surgical mask sector in order to make appropriate choices and create long-term collaborations.

LFC gives such weight to its services since we strongly believe that high-quality product must be accompanied by outstanding service and flexibility. We target customers-partners and we rely on long-term collaborations and human relationships. For this reason, we are continuously optimizing and investing in the services sector.