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Larisa Face Cover is a 3-ply TYPE II disposable surgical face mask production industry. It was established on 26 March 2020 and the co-founders are two businessmen, born and bred in the plain of Thessaly, who joined forces in this new venture that brought Larisa Face Cover to the forefront of the mask battle. Ioannis Tserepas, Chairman and CEO of Lariplast SA and Achilleas Ntavelis, Ρresident of the Association of Thessalian Enterprises & Industries and Chairman and CEO of Group ‘Animus’ decided to provide assistance and address the health crisis by manufacturing surgical masks with Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >98%. More particurarly, a state-of-the art production unit, specialing in the production of surgical masks, was created in less than 25 days. It is the first surgical mask and its raw material (filter Melt Blown) vertical production industry in Greece and one of the few production industries worldwide.

Larisa Face Cover was created to provide this valuable medical product, produced in Greece, to national and international markets. The time-scale was beyond any reasonable limits, i.e. something less than a month. For this reason, the external financing was impossible. They had to do their utmost. Nevertheless, they agreed and started working really hard in order to set up the line, which will produce 300.000 masks per day or 9.000.000 masks per month. Upon the completion of the investment, the production capacity will reach 60.000.000 masks per month.

LFC contributes to deal with this health crisis by providing the medical staff and citizens with these high quality and protection products

The investment concerns the purchase of 4 machines from Asia and 2 high-technology machines from a European Machine Company. Moreover, a strategic investment will be officially announced later.

Apart from this unique achievement, the founders ensured the production of TYPE II & TYPE IIR surgical masks.

In this way, a product, made in EU and accompanied by all the related certificates, offers greater safety to its users.

It is worth mentioning that many factories have closed down in China since they were not appropriately certified.

In addition, TYPE II & TYPE IIR masks are produced by few factories worldwide and our company is definitely one of them.

Although, our company is newly-established, it managed to make history from its creation. Our aim is to become one of the largest and integrated mask production units in Europe.

Production capacity
Our production capacity is indicatively listed below:
May: 9.000.000 masks per month
June-July: 18.000.000 masks per month
From August onwards: 60.000.000 masks per month